Commercial Aluminium Access door for vans, delivery or tradesman's trucks. Other applications include cabinets or compartments, tool boxes and products displays.

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Commercial vehicle shutter 50mm lath has the following attributes.


Curtain - Constructed using 50 mm interlocking extruded aluminium laths. The laths are retained in position using nylon end locks fitted with aluminium rivets. Refer 'Aluminium Lath' drawing details.


Bottom Rail - 'Standard', 'Deep' and 'Reverse' options available using extruded aluminium sections and complete with finger pull. A Bottom Seal can be provided as an optional extra. Refer 'Aluminium Bottom Rail' drawings for details.


Side Guides and Angles - Side Guides are fabricated from 25 x 22 x 1.2 mm galvanised steel channel roll formed in house and complete with splayed tops. Stainless steel Side Guides can be supplied as an optional extra. Refer 'Truck Alum Side Guide' drawing details for options.


Roller Drum - Fabricated from 100 mm extruded aluminium tube. The assembly incorporates helical torsion springs engineered to counter balance the Curtain, fixed to nylon roller blocks and a mild steel axle. The tube is mill finish aluminium.


Bracket Plates - 'Fixed' or 'Swing-Arm' bracket options are available fabricated from 3mm galvanised steel. Swing Arm brackets adjust the position of the Roller Drum during the operation of the shutter to minimise the gap between Curtain and Head of the Opening when the shutter is in the closed position.


Operation - Hand operation by push up and pull down actions applied to Bottom Rail.


Door Locking - Options include 1 or 2 Hasp & Staples, Rod Lock, Central Keyed Lock to the Bottom Rail or the DRS 19 heavy duty lock depending on customer preference. Refer 'Truck Locking Options' drawings.


Finishes - Aluminium components are supplied in mill finish as standard. Guides are provided in galvanised steel finish. Etch and Clear Anodising or Powder Coating in standard available colour is an optional extra and is applied using our in house powder coat line.


Weight - 15 kg/m2






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